Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Notting Hill Carnival...

My first Bank Holiday in London and what a good one it was. Not only were we celebrating my amazing friend Natalie's birthday but the Notting Hill carnival was on in London. A great bunch of people with great music. Lucky we got to experience it both over two days, each day was so different. Our group all bought coloured wigs to wear and boy we revived lot of attention, majority of the first day was stopping having photos with people and didnt get to experience and of the dance stages! Lucky for day two.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kick it...

So I have been in London ONE month! Time has just flown by. Sharing a house some amazing people and have been going to some cool drinking bars. A few more purchases along the way of course and many more to come no doubt. My custom Nike's finally arrived, dame I love purple.

Also came across this SICK Jeremy Scott Swatch watch with wings. They are detachable so you can take them off. I had seen them on the shop Lazy Oaf facebook page and knew i NEEDED that watch. I went in to the store and just my luck the girl working count not find where the watches where kept. She had to ring for help and found out that the display watch was the last one. Still wanting the watch I asked if I could have discount.....and YES 10% off. Then as the girl was putting it in a bag for me she coundnt find the box it came in so she offered me 20% off..SCORE...it was meant to be!