Monday, February 7, 2011

DIY collar...

So I slipped into the red cross store to pick up some cheap shirts. I recon I was there for all of 5 minutes as I found what I was after straight away. I bought a black, white and red collar shirt. (I figure these colours will go with alot with what I wear) I did look for a purple shirt but no luck. Not to worry I have plenty of purple gemstones to make up for it. Spotlight have so many different colours to choose from so you can have any colour theme you like. I'm a huge fan of purple and green together so I tried to stick with those colours. I found some pre-made iron on transfers at spotlight as well that I thought would look good as part of the background on the collar. Check out my photos from the white collar I made.

Bits and pieces to design my collar.

Make sure you use fabric glue to hold the gems in place.

Purple and Green my favourite.

Collar only half done - I was loving just having the one side done!

Finished gemstone side.

Final product. Pretty happy with it.

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  1. Your collar is fantastic - I want one!

    Lady Vélo.