Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I know so many people have a fascination for skulls, I’m one of those people! Jewellery, clothing, candles, day of the dead, tattoos….if its in the form of a skull I like it. Before Christmas I was buying presents for friends at raw space and came across velvet skull moneybox. Came in black, white and grey! I elected to buy the black. Keeping with the theme I also went out recently and came across left over Halloween decorations in cheap as chips, a set of plastic skulls. I’ve been wanting to use my spray paints for a while now and it seemed this would be the perfect time to whip them out. Matt black, gloss purple and gloss red, great colour combo. I played around with a fourth and painted a sugar skull design on it, might have to do some more of these. Check them out.

My first sugar skull

Hard to see but purple/red/black skulls I sprayed

My new money box

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