Wednesday, February 2, 2011

tatty devine...

What can i say about tatty devine... I remember so many years ago my friend came across their website and knew I would like their stuff, one look and I was in love! It just happened that one year I was shopping around in Melbourne, I followed my friend into a store thinking there wont be anything for me in here. As my friend went to the counter to pay for her goods, I glanced at the necklaces and rings they had.....AND THERE IT WAS.....tatty devine tiger necklace! The most amazing thing I have ever seen! I didn't even ask the price as I knew I had to have it not matter what!

That was the start of my devine purchases. I now have the most amazing collection from them after traveling to London and visiting their
Covent Garden Boutique. At the London store I purchased the white dinosaur bone necklace, black fish bone necklace and the giant triple leave necklace from their fallen leaves collection.

Since being back in my home town they have brought out more pieces, two of which I would KILL for. One being the GIANT red lobster necklace and the other being the most expensive (of course) their crazy girl necklace! Check out the pics below and get ready to drool. Visit their online store

My tiger necklace on my dressing table.

Me wearing my tiger - I receive so many comments when I wear it.

Me wearing my dinosaur.

My giant triple leaf necklace.

Wish list - crazy girl necklace.

Wish list - Giant lobster necklace!